Startup Practice Blueprint

Looking to open a new practice? The Ideal Practices Startup Practice Blueprint Workshop teaches you the best, proven methods to open your new practice successfully. You’ll gain access to the knowledge behind hundreds of startup practices with techniques, strategies, wisdom and connections not available anywhere else. Experts will show you exactly how to open and grow your practice at the Startup Practice Blueprint Course

You’ll discover a higher level of Clinical Freedom when you learn how to create a facility you’re proud of. Learn the systems needed to earn what you’re worth in your new practice. See how a new practice can help you make a bigger difference in people’s lives

This workshop gives you guidance on Site Selection, Demographics, Real Estate Purchase vs. Leasing, Financing, Floorplan Design, Construction, Equipment, Business Systems, Clinical Protocol, Profitability and more.

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Extremely limited seats available to allow for 1-on-1 interaction with speakers. To receive application information check the appropriate box during the Townie Meeting registration process or submit your info above.

Why Attend?

Build for Clinical Freedom

Attend the Startup Practice Blueprint® course and learn how to design and build an office that represents you clinically. Learn the proven methods for practice models from around the country. 

Open with Profitability

A unique experience that combines your business and clinical needs. Lending strategies, Financial forecasting tools, New-Patient attraction tools, marketing plans and systems for your profitable practice will be taught for success. 

Make a Bigger Difference

Learn how practice owners are thriving in startup practices and using practice ownership to make a meaningful, lasting difference in more people’s lives.

See Reviews From Colleagues

“The knowledge shared will reveal methods that are revolutionizing dentistry and making it possible for doctors all over the country to open practices with massive levels of satisfaction and happiness.”

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