Dr. Don McNamara (persona non grata)

Dr. Don McNamara (persona non grata)


Don McNamara, DDS, enlisted in the Air Force in 1972 to be a cop. The Air Force, however, thought he’d make a better dental assistant, and thus began his career in dentistry.
Determined to move to the other side of the patient chair, Dr. McNamara finished his stint in the Air Force and enrolled in college, then gained acceptance into Indiana University’s School of Dentistry, graduating in 1983. His plan to return to the USAF as a dental officer was exchanged for one of starting a private practice, which he did in Elkhart, Indiana.
With no financial resources and no business expertise, growing a successful practice was no easy feat. But through a lot of hard work — and a lot of mistakes along the way — a solid family practice evolved. Dr. McNamara passed that practice on to the care of a fellow Townie in 2015, and the practice has continued to grow.
After a brief retirement, Dr. McNamara relocated to Arizona, where he now teaches second-year dental students in the preclinical Simulation Clinic of Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine as an adjunct faculty member. Working with budding dental students is his way of giving back to the profession.
Dr. McNamara (“persona non grata” on Dentaltown) has been a Townie since 2004, and has attended all but three Townie Meetings. When he’s not teaching, you can usually find him on the pickleball court, the golf course, or floating in his pool.


Don is a long time Townie and frequent contributor on the Dentaltown.com message boards known as persona non grata, Check out his previous posts and follow him here.

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Panel of Experience

11:00 am-12:30 pm
The Showroom